From the Field #1: Re-inventing "Share and Celebrate"

From the Field #1: Re-inventing "Share and Celebrate"

For almost all staff meetings I attend, they typically begin with a 5 minute standing agenda item along the lines of "Share and Celebrate." The leader gets up and asks, "So. Does anyone have anything to share?" 

Then there's usually a few moments of somewhat awkward silence. Someone does eventually chime in with some family news or success from the day. And people are genuinely happy to hear the good news. But often the moment seems fleeting or superficial.

So I'm wondering - do you have a way of starting your staff meetings that's engaging, thoughtful, and sincere? What do you do? 

Please share your practices in the comments section here. And share this with others so we can get more ideas.  Let's build a menu of good ideas!