"Nate is the guy we want helping with our own strategic planning.  He is the one that we want talking to our audiences AND he is the one the audiences are requesting." 

                                                    - Sheri Miller, Charmm'd Foundation (Chicago, IL)  

Our founder and president, Nathan Eklund, established a work culture based on his love for working with school communities. He is funny, smart, and extremely passionate about teacher job satisfaction. Nathan’s humor, stories and practical wisdom compel people and the organizations in which they work to begin a process of rigorous and authentic growth. Our speaking engagements are rooted in a deep understanding and knowledge of the working relationships that must be in place for educators to experience success and fulfillment.

We don’t just deliver one-off keynotes meant to entertain. We begin sustained, intentional growth and offer the resources necessary to support you in that process.

Ready to have a professional development day that your staff actually loves? Contact us today at info@eklundconsulting.com