Nate Eklund

#TBT: Dear Young People, Please Be Way More Awesome Than We Are

This is the time of the year to give advice to young people.  We have all watched many of our favorite celebrities/innovators/speakers give commencement speeches to help guide our young people as they reach milestones in their lives.  In this week's #TBT post, Nate Eklund gives some similar advice in the form of a letter. Even though it was from October 2012, the message still resonates today.

Celebrating Eklund Consulting's 5th Anniversary!

Today is our 5th birthday. May 20, 2011 was the official day Eklund Consulting became “legit” – at least according to the state of Minnesota.

I feel like I could write so much today as my heart and head are so full on this important day in my life. But I’ll reduce it down to some headings and bullet points for the sake of brevity and in hopes of spanning some of the depth and width of my appreciation.