Eklund Consulting is a team of former and current educators passionate about helping schools build positive workplace conditions for adults in order to realize desired outcomes for students. 

With more than 50 years of combined experience as teachers, principals, superintendents, and mediators, our team has a unique understanding of schools. We understand the systems, structures, and relationships that make schools work and why they sometimes don’t

Our Team

Nathan Eklund (President and Founder)- After 13 years of being a classroom teacher, I knew there were other ways I wanted to serve the field of education. Focusing on teacher job satisfaction and organizational improvement in schools, I published my book How Was YOUR Day at School? Improving Dialogue About Teacher Job Satisfaction. The book led to speaking.  Speaking led to consulting which led to launching Eklund Consulting.  Now that focus and passion has led to improving the lives and work of thousands of educators and administrators. 

Scott Butler - I’ve had the opportunity to look at education from a variety of perspectives, 6 years in a high school classroom, 12 years as a high school counselor, 8 years as a middle school administrator and, most recently, 2 years as the director of a K-12 private school. The combination of my experiences showed me the importance of adult relationships in education.  The topic of teacher job satisfaction appeals to all aspects of my professional career - teacher, counselor, and administrator.  I believe that learning happens at the intersection of a well functioning teacher and a well functioning student.

Todd Battaglia - Throughout my eight years of teaching middle school, I believed that there were some situations in schools that were just the way they were for most to all educators.  After working on my school's culture with Eklund Consulting, I saw that things could be different.  Now, working for Eklund Consulting, I love working with educators to make the satisfaction of the job equal their passion for the work.

Keith Dixon - I have spent my entire career in education. I was a classroom teacher, building administrator, and spent over 30 years as a superintendent in Colorado and Minnesota. In the course of my career I was able to reduce the complexity of leadership to the simplest of terms: treat people with respect, listen constantly, and build relationships. It is because of these core principles that I found my work at Eklund Consulting to be deeply impactful. I work with school leadership, boards, and staffs to ensure that people are treated fairly, systems are created wisely, and leaders lead effectively. 

Lesley Fisher - My educational career began as a middle school interdisciplinary language arts and social studies teacher. After completing my M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, I obtained an Administrative License and taught at both the college and graduate school levels. For the last decade I have served in various school leadership roles, including APT President and Board of Education Vice President. My unique background, which spans all areas of school and community life, positions me to connect schools with their communities more effectively as well as ensure a rich and rewarding workplace for leaders and teachers. My work with Eklund Consulting allows me to apply my background and passion for education and communication for the betterment of others.

Mary Ek - I have experienced a variety of roles throughout my 17 years in education.  As an elementary teacher, high school administrator, charter school sponsorship liaison, curriculum director and roles within ELL and special education programs, I have had the opportunity to view the education system from many valuable perspectives.  My experience has also spanned across public, private, charter schools and alternative education programs.  The diversity of my career in education has served as a driver in my passion to join Eklund Consulting in fulfilling its mission to make schools great places to work and learn.

Advisory Team

We are grateful to the team of people who have guided, coached, championed, and continue to ensure we do our best work for our clients. Below is our team of advisors and their area of focus.