#TBT: End of Year Cleaning and More...

Today’s #TBT post comes from Eklund Consulting’s Todd Battaglia and is a great reminder for all educators as we pack up our rooms at the end of the year.

Do you need to clean up more than just your room?

Education is one of the only professions that have a clear-cut end once a year. (Professional athlete, lifeguard?) Not many jobs require staff to pack up their office every nine months and unpack it every twelve. The physical packing up of our rooms and buildings signals the end of our time with students and colleagues, saying some goodbyes and some see-you-laters. Organizing the desk and the closets and covering or taking down the student art and bulletin boards are the physical work, but do we need to clean up more than our rooms before we go?

After a year with colleagues, there might be some loose ends resolve before we head out to be our best summer selves. The end of a school year can be hectic with abnormal schedules, excited students, and end of year duties looming. Is there something that we need to do before we go?

Do we need to tell a colleague how much we appreciated their help or guidance during this year? Do we need to remind a colleague of their meaning to students or staff? What will be the best way to convey this message to them?

We often do this at the end of the year with retirees and staff who are leaving the school, but what do we do for those who will be back in fall?

Of course, there is the other side to this equation as well. During the busy time near the end of the year, we also find ourselves putting off difficult things until the last minute or “until the fall.” Do we need to have a conversation with someone so that in the fall, we can start anew? Do we need to punch a shark with a colleague or administrator about a topic that we would like to ignore for a few months, but really shouldn’t?

My colleague, Susana Cuarto, an amazing 8th grade science teacher, reminds us that although the start of the new school year is months away on the calendar, it is really the next official day together as a staff. Truly a unique situation.

Will you be as ready in the fall as your room?