"Our school was facing a significant amount of organizational growth and development and Eklund Consulting worked with our board, administration, and staff to help us manage this change strategically and successfully. Eklund Consulting provided honest feedback and experiential guidance in support of our efforts. They listened actively and empathetically to our concerns--and not only helped us to see problems, but to solve them."

                                    - Carl Schlueter, Executive Director, Preparatory Academy (Richfield, MN)

Effective negotiation of contracts and employment agreements are central to a well-run organization. However, those very negotiations often miss the mark when discussing the employment conditions necessary to a truly satisfying career. Eklund Consulting fosters effective, compassionate mediation in order for all stakeholders to have the conversations they wish they were having - the conversations that truly make a difference.

Since the wide variety of experience of the Eklund Consulting team spans all areas of school systems, we are able to moderate conversations ranging from contract negotiations to policy audits to external stakeholder forums.

We provide a safe space to talk about the most difficult issues and challenges, including:

  • Contract negotiation: Whether it’s between school boards and unions or teachers and administrators, we help strip away the legalese and address the real issues.
  • Stakeholder forums: We lead critical conversations with parents, students, community members, staff, and administrators to meaningfully address issues that are often marginalized because they’re uncomfortable or -- because we view school success through such a narrow set of outcomes -- reside outside of normal expectations of organization.
  • Policies and practices: Policy and practice audits allow us to look at how we can improve educators’ jobs in order to improve their performance, keeping the job of teaching from impeding the love of teaching.