Prior to our work in the schools, Eklund Consulting uses the SWSS, staff interviews, and focus groups to set a workplace satisfaction baseline.  We listen and examine to determine where the workplace culture currently stands and where it is headed.

Staff will be engaged by the School Workplace Satisfaction Survey (SWSS), a secure web-based application that offers a detailed portrait of the workplace culture of your school and the job satisfaction of your teachers. The SWSS measures the following areas:

·      Organizational Practices

o   Professional Development

o   Family & Community Involvement

o   Time Management

o   Relationship Building

·      Staff Culture

o   Shared Values and Traditions

o   Culture Building Practices

o   Peer Relationships

·      Wellness

o   Work/Life Balance

·      Leadership

o   Decision Making

o   Communication

o   Shared Expectations

·      Job Satisfaction

o   View of Self

o   View of Profession

o   View of Workplace

This survey gets beyond feelings and perceptions and get to results.