“The time Nathan Eklund spent with our staff and administration was potently impactful on our school culture and climate. Like good preventative medicine, Mr. Eklund helped put our instructional and administrative staff in touch with our healthy and unhealthy professional attitudes and practices.”

— Greg Hexum, High School Principal (Esko, MN)


“Our foundation has worked with Nate for our own strategic planning.  He has been a huge asset as his focused thoughts and personal values have provided some great insight and kept us a number of times from “mission drift.” In additon, we have contracted with Nate to help with administrative coaching in our schools and have brought Nate back multiple times to hold workshops in both the community and the schools.  Simply put, Nate gets it!

Here’s what I think about Nate after working together:– He knows how to communicate to all types of audiences– He is funny– He cares– He is very results oriented– He listens, wants to succeed and wants to make a difference!

For all of these reasons and more, Nate is the guy we want helping with our own strategic planning.  He is the one that we want talking to our audiences AND he is the one the audiences are requesting.”

— Sheri Miller, Charmm’d Foundation (Chicago, IL)


“Nate is able to connect with teachers like no other presenter.  He brought real world experience as well as a deep research base to our teachers. Motivation is intrinsic and Nate recognizes this.  He is able to help teachers and staff connect to issues that are important to them and create plans to address these issues.

Hands down one of the best professional development sessions EVER!” 

— Dave Palzet, Middle School Principal (Wilmette, IL)