Things I'm Thankful for: Reflections on Running a Small Business

I love Thanksgiving. No shopping. Just really delicious food while being surrounded by people you love. Delicious! I also like counting my blessings. I really do. I like the process of auditing everything I have to be thankful for. In that spirit, I was thinking about all I have to be thankful for within the space of running my business. Here’s my Top 10 list of things I’m thankful for within Eklund Consulting:

IT’S COMPLICATED: An Examination of the Complex Relationship Between School and Community

Relationships can be difficult. Spouses, parents and children, friends, coworkers, teammates; where human emotion is found, waters can get rough. Even under the best of circumstances, there are natural ups and downs, ebbs and flows, that occur between people. Add children, distrust, and momentum of the masses to the equation, and a strong undercurrent builds in our schools, leaving disillusionment in its wake.

A Ranking of Great Places to Teach: A Revolution

Today's "Throwback Thursday" blog post is from June 19, 2012.  Nathan Eklund proposed the beginning of a revolution that should take root in education.  Notice the plan is for a list of Top School Workplaces, not Top Schools.  There is a difference.

The Minneapolis StarTribune came out with its annual list of “Top Workplaces” in the Twin Cities. It’s a fantastic listing of workplaces through Minnesota who work really hard to make work work.

There are no schools listed.

There is no list of“Top School Workplaces.” Anywhere. Ever.

That’s ridiculous.